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Cg Mission

Whatever “way of life” you prefer, the American Dream or Christian, our site is designed to spark a dialogue (Diálogos: Through the Word) towards truth in how we approach common issues and bring about a new culture of life. St. John Paul II, clearly saw the world needed encounter. Today, in response, our vision is to align with the great commission and help create a platform for all of the people in the world to witness the potential of universal goodness.

Our Story

Kaci and Aaron are from Oklahoma City, they were married in December 2009 and have been traveling together ever since. During their travels, they’ve met many people who have found that they could open up to them and together call out for a great change. A change that brings a renewed goodness into communities. Aaron and Kaci studied an entire liturgical year of daily mass and quickly fell in love with the saints that are celebrated every day throughout the years of the church. They also found that in addition to their heroic virtue, they also manifested absolute objective goods in their work and their worship. Helping others in place of their own needs and working with the lowest of low that reminds people of human dignity. Our world needs that today more than ever. Cg was created in order to help others to seek first the kingdom of God and by doing so, we will see a great impact on the common good of us all and generations to come.

Aaron’s Sacramental Graces

Baptism:                  June 13, 1982 (Bishop Taylor)
First Confession:    June 20, 1988
First Communion:  June 27, 1988
Confirmation:          March 13, 1996
Holy Matrimony:   December 26, 2009

Kaci’s Sacramental Graces

Baptism:                 March 22, 2008 (Archbishop Beltran)
First Confession:    March 22, 2008
First Communion: March 22, 2008
Confirmation:        March 22, 2008
Holy Matrimony:   December 26, 2009

Meet the Team

At Cg, we see the world through a singular way, truth, and life. One Lord, one baptism, and one faith. We remain in one accord and we know his voice. Everyone, deep down, wants to find peace and joy. So, our obligation is to live a life that bridges peoples, cultures, and nations. It’s a human thing to do. To be a Saint, we must first become human.


Aaron M. Rosales


A Benedictine/Dominican soul who tends toward Ora et Labora and Studies of Historic Revelations through Saints and Sinners. Holds a B.A. in Administrative Leadership and has a background of  Project Coordination, Business Analysis, and Development.


Kaci D. Rosales


A gentle Franciscan soul who tends to the needs of others at the whisper of the Holy Spirit. She holds a B.S. in Chemistry and works as a Quality Assurance Manager at a World-wide Allergenic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company.


Open Positions


We are seeking new talent to join the call to evangelize through truth and charity.

Get in touch with us today if you have a talent you would like to share with the world.